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Modular Concepts brings the Lowest total cost of ownership and maximum availability – taking scalability, resiliency, safety and efficiency to the next level. The most advanced UPS in its power range, the PHM is ideal for small to mid-sized data centres and other mission critical applications where efficiency, reliability, safety and scalability are essential.

Future Ready The rapid adoption of the cloud, constant evolution of IT technologies, increased focus on environmental footprint and sophistication of mission critical applications is demanding even more efficient, resilient, scalable and safe power protection solutions. The new levels of efficiency and scalability offered by the PHM minimize Total Cost of Ownership while the safety and resiliency, both in infrastructure and IT layers, maximize availability and ensure business continuity.

UPS frames are available from the ranges of 20KVA, 40KVA Modular, 60KVA Modular UPS, 80KVA Modular UPS, 125KVA Modular UPS, 200KVA Modular UPS, 400KVA Modular UPS.

We Benoit Technologies keep an extensive range of UPS in stock considering the acceptance of this technology in this market. We ensure to keep a stock up to 800KW system. All the high frequency UPS are designed with unity power factor.

All Round Value.

Available in 200kW frame sizes, the modular design of the PHM enables it to suit a wide range of requirements. And, whichever one you choose, you can be sure it will provide the lowest Total Cost of Ownership combined with maximum availability, for cost-efficient business continuity. Ensuring that you can always access the power your mission critical application requires-under all circumstances – without compromising business performance or safety, the PHM is the most


With high efficiency being translated into reduced electrical and cooling losses, it helps to minimize operational expenditure costs, in addition to addressing the cost pressures resulting from commoditization of IT services. Increased efficiency also leads to higher sustainability, through reduced carbon emissions.


Scalability helps to optimize capital expenditure by only deploying additional equipment when necessary and providing additional flexibility to respond to your changing needs. The scalability of the PHM also provides increased flexibility to accommodate the changing requirements of rapidly evolving technologies.

Resiliency, virtualization & cloud readiness.

The ability of a system to absorb faults and still remain in its desired operational state is paramount to minimizing costly downtime. The PHM takes resiliency to the next level by bridging electrical and IT infrastructures.

Maximum Energy Efficiency Lowest TCO

The PHM Series is simply the most PHM series is simply the most efficient UPS in its class, offering the lowest total Cost of ownership. thanks to the advanced algorithms and energy saving features, the PHM achieves up to 99% efficiency. this efficiency is well proven with installations in major data centre hubs in the Asia Pacific region and around the world.

99% efficiency – Energy Saver System (ESS)

The ESS enables the PHM efficiency to reach an impressive level of 99% by suspending the power modules when power conditioning is not required. The power is fed through the static bypass switch, and in the event of exceeding pre-set input limits, the UPS is ready to switch to double-conversion mode in under two milliseconds. In addition to extremely low losses, the ESS mode provides filtering against fast low-energy transients. It is simply the most advanced, most reliable, fastest-reacting energy-saver architecture available. In addition to saving energy, this technology enhances the reliability of the system by reducing electrical stress in the power electronic components, extending the UPS life time and thus reducing total cost of ownership.

Optimized double conversion efficiency – Variable Module

Management System (VMMS)

For applications where ESS may not be optimal, for example with very low quality mains, VMMS technology includes automatic variable power module management. The system automatically suspends and engages modules as appropriate, to optimize efficiency both at UPS and system level. VMMS helps you achieve high efficiency even when UPS load levels are low – typical for redundant UPS systems. VMMS can optimize the load levels of power modules in a single PHM UPS or in parallel systems, by suspending extra UPS capacity. This means not only greater efficiency at lower load levels, but optimum efficiency at all load levels.

Maximum double conversion efficiency

The PHM UPS still offers the highest double conversion efficiency in the market, reaching above 96% when load between 40-70%.

Highest power density

The unity power factor maximizes the true available power of the PHM UPS. This means it can deliver up to 20% more real power than other in its class. The highly scalable nature of the PHM UPS means that scaling up in response to increased demand takes minutes rather than hours. Scaling up can also be achieved without increasing the footprint – saving valuable floor space. The modular design allows for internal redundancy, which eliminates. The scalability can be reached by paralleling up to 4 frames for a total system size of up to 800 kW.

Maximum Availability

Maximum availability is integral to business continuity, and integral to the design of the PHM UPS. It ensures you can always access the power your mission critical application requires.

Hot swappable and hot scalable

Due its modular design, a PHM power module can be replaced or added while another module continues protecting the load. This eliminates the need to go to bypass for module replacement or upgrading (MTTR: 0 minutes). Replacement and upgrade (N+1) operations typically take less than 10 minutes.

Centralized topology

The centralized topology of the PHM is ideal for scalable systems, as it provides full bypass capacity from day one, whereas modular designs with static switches in every power module can have a severe negative impact on the selectivity of the system due to undersized static bypass. This can compromise the availability of the overall system.

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