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CCU Maintenance

CCU Maintenance

Most of the time, everyone intends to do normal maintenance on the Cooling equipment; Benoit Technologies offers a wide range of CCU Maintenance Services on all the Brands. Maintenance and optimization of the Precision Cooling Systems/CCU/CRAC unit will improve unwanted downtime and keep the Datacenter or the critical Infrastructure safe and up all the time.

Precision Cooling units are designed to meet the needs of datacenter hear loads, any such equipment downtime will badly affect the availability of the other machines like UPS System, Servers, etc. We offer as a complete package of Maintenance to all the equipments, Turnkey Maintenance Package for all the TIER levels with 24×7 support with an expert team. In terms of critical equipment support, we never compromise on the availability of team.

We are experienced in all types of Cooling Units, Chilled Water, DX Units, Dual DX + Chilled Water, etc. from the range of 2KW to the 150KW. With our expertise in design its easy for the team to take care of the maintenance whatever the system design like Upflow Unit, downflow, In-Row, etc.

For more information on the CCU Maintenance please call BENOIT TECHNOLOGIES on +97142634123 or  Contact us [email protected] or [email protected]

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