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Three Phase Online Double Conversion UPS Systems Suppliers in UAE. Benoit Technologies LLC supports all the brands based on the customer’s choice, we are dealers of VERTIV UPS in UAE, POWERON UPS in UAE, and APC Resellers. We take the turnkey projects starting from the Design Concept to the commissioning and after-sales support. Upon choosing the Support plan offered in different TIERs, we do provide 24X7 Onsite support.

Three Phase is the most effective design to distribute the power.

  • Output PF up to 1;
  • Parallel up to 6 units;
  • Online efficiency up to 95.6%;
  • Compact sizes with limited foot-prints;
  • Fan redundancy design, speed Control;
  • No derating for PF≥0.5 inductive load and capacitive load;
  • Online double conversion and high-frequency UPS 10-200KVA ;
  • One-click upgradation by upper computer software ( LCD excluded);
  • Completed CB configurations for mains, bypass , maintenance and output ;
  • Modular-concept design, easily maintained by replacing power modules from the front side (no need for side and rear maintenance)

The UPS provides a battery maintenance test function. At periodic intervals, 20% of the rated capacity of the battery will be discharged automatically, and the actual three-phase load must exceed 20% of the nominal UPS capacity. If the load is less than 20%, the automatic discharge cannot be executed. The periodic interval can be set from 30 to 360 days. The battery maintenance test function can be turned off through the Emerson setting software.

Conditions: Battery at float charge for at least 5h, load equal to 20% ~ 100% of rated UPS capacity.
Trigger: Automatically or manually through the command of battery maintenance test in LCD.
Interval: 30 ~ 360 days (default setting: 60 days).

The UPS also provides a battery capacity self-test function:

  • Periodically test the battery activity.
  • Test the battery residual capacity.
  • Judge the battery quality.
  • Provide the corresponding measures.


The capacity self-test is started by the user through the operator control and display panel. During the capacity self-test, the battery will continuously discharge to the battery under the voltage shutdown threshold. After the self-test is finished, the system will update the battery curve table. The capacity self-test command is valid only one time, without any memory. During the capacity self-test, if the battery maintenance requirement is satisfied, the system will generate an audible/visual alarm and give corresponding records.

Conditions: System load rate within 20% ~ 100%, battery float charge at least 5h, and generator not connected; the current system is in float charge state.

Trigger: Startup through the LCD.


1. The battery will continuously discharge to the battery under the voltage shutdown threshold, and then the battery transfer to the charging state. When the capacity self-test is finished, the system will update the battery curve table.

2. The user can manually stop the capacity self-test operation through the LCD.


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