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Any outdoor applications where the backup requires an IP65 enclosure with a high grade, temperature acceptance models are chosen. This model has inbuilt batteries for supporting backup up to the desired range within the limited KVA rating. Outdoor UPS are available from 1KVA to 10KVA.

Key Features:

  1. Double Conversion Pure Sine wave Online Design
  2. High-Temperature Resistant Design
  3. Sealing Level For IP55 with Dustproof Waterproof Features
  4. Wide range of Input Voltage and Frequency Window
  5. Optional Accessories Like Heat Exchanger/Air conditioner
  6. Extendable Battery Pack for long backup
  7. Lightning Arrester Built-in
  8. Multiple communication accessories optional
  9. LCD display optional.
  10. IP level increasable


A complete outdoor UPS has many unique characteristics: a specially designed enclosure, inbuilt AC panelling, and extra coated PCBs. All these features are to protect the complete setup from moisture, temperature and dust. Benoit Technologies LLC provides the best & world-class designs from different manufacturers suited for their requirements. Application areas like Roads & transports, Traffic signalling, Remote Areas, Mines, oil and gas Onshore Rigs, etc. Outdoor UPS comes with VRLA, DeepCycle Batteries and Lithium Ion batteries.

Various protection solutions are available based on the commercial feasibility of UP22, IP23, IP33, IP44, IP54, and IP65. The outdoor UPS contained wide-temperature, pure lead, gel batteries and Lithium Ion batteries housed in a weather-protected enclosure. It offers a power supply for different power needs. It supports the energy as line interactive automatic voltage regulation and online Double Conversion, over/under voltage protection, surge and sag protection with heavy-duty noise filtering, communications capability and optional extended battery backup and features extra-strength surge protection, a temperature-compensated battery charger, conformal-coated circuit boards and optional battery heaters.

We also provide a Containerized Solution for higher Ratings up to 400KVA.
Modular Containerized solutions are also widely accepted nowadays for Outdoor Applications. Benoit Technologies, in support of Brands like POWERON, VERTIV provides a wide range of Outdoor Datacenter Containers equipped with Network Rack Infrastructure in support of CRAC Units & UPS.

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