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Online Double Conversion Tower Type UPS

We have a wide range of Tower Type UPS, which comes with Standard Inbuilt Battery Models and Extended Battery Backup Models. 6KVA & 10KVA Models can support higher backup time; optional battery charging current is the biggest advantage in terms of higher backup time requirements. Tower UPS with inbuilt Batteries can support up to 10 minutes of backup at 80% of the connected load, and it also has provision to connect additional battery cabinets for various strings.

  • Cold start
  • Generator compatible
  • Wide input frequency range
  • Self-testing when UPS startup
  • Intelligent fan speed regulation
  • Maximum charging current up to 10A
  • Wide input voltage range:110~286Vac
  • ECO mode operation for energy saving
  • Design with maintenance switch (Optional)
  • Selectable output voltage:208/220/230/240Vac
  • Online double conversion with full digital control
  • N+X parallel redundancy supports a maximum of 4 units in parallel
  • Optimization battery group, the quantity of battery:16/18/20pcs (Settable)
  • Multiple communication interfaces: RS232 (USB/EPO/Relay card/SNMP card optional)
  • Multiple protection functions: short-circuit, overload, overheat, battery overcharge and over-discharge, output low voltage and fan fault alarm

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