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At Benoit Technologies, one of the leading Voltage stabilizer suppliers in UAE, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UK, Bahrain and India, we offer voltage stabilizer that are technically upfront. We provide stable and reliable voltage stabilizers for home appliances, security systems, and for industrial purposes. Get one today and ensure a safe and stable power supply to your major appliances. At Benoit, we help our customers choose from among the very best voltage stabilizers in UAE, capable of carrying off industrial loads.

Benoit Technologies are renowned manufacturer and supplier of isolation transformers. Get Isolation Transformers from the reputed Isolation Transformers Manufacturing Company. We extend our services and products at cost-effective prices for customers around the UAE. Our products are manufactured with superior quality raw materials and leading technology, resulting in increased and improved product lifespan.

  • Offering user-friendly and durable isolation transformers and voltage stabilizer.
  • Covers installation and stabilizers maintenance assistance.
  • Offer products for both household and industrial purposes.

Automatic Voltage Stabilizers

Every piece of equipment operated with electricity is made to be working in a specific voltage range or with a specific voltage. As per the United Arab Emirates regulation, the voltage range is set to 230VAC. Due to any circumstances if the voltage is out of tolerance, either in the downward or upward, a regulator is essential to maintain the +/- region. Therein lies the importance or using stabilizers or voltage regulators.

Stabilizers are of different types depending on the ratings. Starting from the range 600VA till 3000KVA, stabilizers are available with Benoit Technologies from multi brands with high quality. The reliability, quality and life of a stabilizer is purely based on the design and materials used. Depending on the application, the selected model will vary. For example, up to 2KVA or 3KVA, it is better to choose the digital design that will be good enough for any type of linear loads. But in the case of a non-linear load, it is advisable to use a transformer-based Servo type stabilizer for more reliability and life.

We, Benoit Technologies LLC, offer stabilizers for an array of equipment units, including water heaters. We choose the products based on varies factors, which include brainstorming with the customer or giving them an end-end consultation in the power design. By doing that, we ensure to give the best product that will serve them 100 percent as per the requirement and fit with commercial budget. We make it a point to support all our customers to get the maximum ROI reference to their investments.

Being a Servo Stabilizer Supplier in UAE, we cover all the Emirates with our award wining after sales support for 24 X 7 365 days. We have dedicated support as supplier of Stabiliser Dubai, Stabilizer supplier in Abudhabi, Stabilizer supplier in Ajman, Stabilizer Supplier in Sharjah, etc.

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