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Power Quality Analysis

Power Quality Testing

Power Quality Testing

Benoit Technologies provide Power Quality Analysis Services, Out of Tolerance, Harmonics, Frequency Variations, Inrush Current Peaks & Energy Load surveys. Our scope covers surveys and reporting services with advice and guidance on Power Quality, Energy efficiency, and Harmonic Problems. With over 10 years in the Power Industry with all sorts of Low Voltage and High Voltage equipment installations, we aim to be your preferred specialist choice for Power, Energy, and Quality Checks.

Power Quality Health Checks

Power Quality Health Checks & Reporting

Monitoring for Power Quality Problems can ensure that your electrical supply complies with the latest standard and that you have no problems with disturbances, over-voltage, voltage harmonics, flicker, and over factors that can lead to issues for the site and electrical systems. Surveys are conducted over a week to produce a report indicating. Power Quality Problems may include Harmonic Pollution of the Network, Under-Compensation of Power Factors, Unbalanced Loads, Flicker, Transient Disturbances, and Over Voltage.

We use the latest Power Quality Testing Equipment along with our years of experience and knowledge from the test and measurement industry to examine your problems. The equipment is set up at the defining measurement points onsite with constant liaison with your maintenance technicians. All these operations are carried out within our standard operating procedures with minimal disruption to work on site.

During the Power Quality Health Check, the data you have recorded from your power quality analysis or energy logger is used to present the results in an easy-to-understand format. Additional comments and basic analysis are also included in the power quality report, where we identify areas of interest.

Energy Load Profiling

Understanding what you are consuming is the first step in helping to plan energy reductions to save money or identify areas where you can expand and install additional loads onto your electrical system. We recommend producing the survey over what you would consider a typical week, with potential follow-up surveys on larger projects to help reflect seasonal variations on some sites. Areas of interest in these surveys are your kW (Real Power), kVAR (Reactive Power), kVA (Apparent Power), V (Voltage) and A (Current), which will produce a detailed picture of your energy usage. We can also incorporate this profiling data into our other survey options where it is required.

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