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Line interactive UPS System

We support Pure Sine Wave Line Interactive UPS System from all the Major Brand. As the name states Line interactive design works on the voltage tolerance in the Input and stabilizes the Output Voltage. A line-interactive UPS stabilizes the inverter output in line and switches to the battery’s DC current path from the normal charging mode to supplying current when power is lost.

In this smart design, the battery-to-AC power inverter is always connected to the output of the UPS. When the input AC power is normal, the inverter of the UPS is in reverse operation and provides battery charging. Once the input power fails, the transfer switch will open and the power will flow from the battery to the UPS output. This design offers additional filtering and yields reduced switching transients since the inverter is always on and connected to the output.

Most Common Features of the Line Interactive UPS. Benoit Technologies is a Supplier of Line Interactive UPS systems of all the Major Brands like APC Smart UPS, POWERON PLS series, etc

  • LCD Display
  • DC Start Fuction
  • Compact Size, Light Weight
  • Auto Restart while AC Recovery
  • Provides AC Overload Protection
  • Equipped with Boost and Buck AVR
  • Microprocessor control guarantees high reliability

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