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Off Grid Solar Solutions

Off Grid Solar Solutions Oman

Off Grid Solar Solutions

We provide affordable Off Grid Solar Solutions for Power needs up to a 20KW range. Stand-alone or Off-Grid Solar Systems are installed when mains power is unavailable or the client wishes to become completely independent of the grid. All power is generated by solar panels, and a battery bank stores excess power for use at night or when the sun is not shining. Benoit Technologies have the best Solar Energy Company in Dubai, offering designed and approved systems to customers.

The most common configurations include:

  • Complete Off-grid Solar Solutions with Lithium Ion Batteries Storage
  • Standalone Off-grid Solar Solutions with AGM/GEL Deep Cycle Batteries StorageKey Support Areas: Farm Houses, Outdoor CCTV Cameras, Traffic Counting Systems, Standalone Lights, Parks, Picnic Areas, Emergency Call Centers, Portable Units for Desert drives, etc
Hybrid Solar Solutions

Hybrid Solar Solutions

Hybrid solar solutions can work in combination with available normal or generator power and solar power. Whenever Sunlight is available, batteries get charged, and in the absence of Sunlight, it switches to normal charging. Benoit Technologies, the best solar panel suppliers in UAE, provide hybrid solar solutions with solar inverters with built-in charging circuits designed for MPPT or PWM types. Storage can be typically designed with either VRLA or lithium-ion batteries.

Off Grid Solar Solutions Oman

Solar Street Lights

“Lets Sun lights nights too”. A range from 10W to 80W Solar Street lights solutions are available in All in one Series ( An integrated Solution ) or a custom design in accordance with User requirements. Unlike most other solar suppliers in Dubai, Benoit Technologies provide after-sales support for up to 2 years and extended service support for up to 10 years based on contract terms.

Off Grid Solar Solutions in UAE

Solar Water heaters:

Solar Water heaters (SWH) is the conversion of sunlight into heat for water heating using a solar thermal collector. A variety of configurations is available with us please contact us for more details & product catalogues.
At Benoit Technologies, we supply and install solar water heaters in an array of specifications and configurations. A solar water heater in UAE or elsewhere is an effective way of generating hot water for use in residential or commercial environments in all climates. There are two main solar water heater components: solar collectors and storage tanks. Growing awareness about sustainable energy sources continues to make more and more commercial and industrial clients adopt solar water heating systems.

Main Benefits Of A Solar Water Heater

The Solar Water heaters will work right through the year, even though you may have to heat your water further using an immersion heater or boiler in the winter. Natural lighting is free of cost, so using this piece of technology will considerably reduce your overall heating costs. Its use in industrial or commercial settings can minimize gas and fuel bills by up to 80% as well as reduce carbon emissions from other water heating systems.

An average electric water heating system accounts for as many CO2 emissions each year as your standard automobile. So, it is a factor that contributes a lot to carbon dioxide pollution and global warming. As the source of energy is solar, this form of water heater will reduce your carbon footprint too.

There are more benefits to buying a solar water heater in UAE, such as its easier installation as compared to other water heating technology. It is another factor that continues to make solar water heaters more in demand for commercial applications.

On cloudy days or at night, our solar water heater can work to keep your water warm using the energy that solar panels store through battery backup. In a nutshell, batteries will store the natural energy that our solar panels store for use when sunlight is non-existent.

Solar AC Water Pump Inverters

Solar AC Water Pump Inverters

We also offer solar inverters in UAE for solar AC water pumping systems. Unlike a solar DC pumping system, operating an AC pump requires the installation of a solar inverter to convert a direct current power supply into an AC supply. The pump’s motor runs on AC (alternating current). This means that operating the pump requires converting the DC (direct current) generated by your solar panels or solar array into AC. Some energy will be lost during the conversion process, which necessitates the use of solar inverters.
Besides the solar inverter, our solar pumping system includes a water tank and solar array. The system uses solar power to take the water out of a source such as a deep well, a lake or river. The inverter can also adjust the output frequency and voltage as per how intense the sunshine is, to make the best use of solar energy.
Solar pump system, consisting of a solar array, solar pump inverter, AC water pump, and water tank, uses solar cells as power supply to directly take water from deep wells, rivers, lakes, and other water sources through the water pump. The solar array absorbs solar radiation and converts it into electric energy to provide power supply for the whole system. The solar pump inverter converts the DC output by the solar array into AC and drives the water pump; in addition, it adjusts the output voltage and frequency according to the sunshine intensity in real-time to realize maximum power point tracking and to maximize the use of solar energy. When the sunshine intensity is low, the solar pump system can switch to grid power for a complementary power supply.

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