UPS Maintenance

UPS Maintenance Services 

Benoit Technologies is one of the best UPS Maintenance Service Providers in UAE. In our rapidly changing business world, highly available systems and processes are critical and are the foundation upon which successful businesses rely. The cost of downtime can cripple an organization. In a case of downtime, not only would they potentially lose thousands or even millions of dollars in lost revenue, but their top competitor is only a mouse click away. Therefore loss is translated not only to lost revenue but also to a loss in customer loyalty. The challenge of maintaining a highly available network is no longer just the responsibility of the IT departments; rather it extends out to management and department heads, as well as the boards which govern company policy. For this reason, having a sound understanding of the factors that lead to high availability, threats to availability, and ways to measure availability is imperative regardless of your business sector.

The Business Value of any Organisation is based on Increasing Revenue, Reducing Costs & Better Utilizing the assets. We, Benoit Technologies, can help you with the third aspect when it comes to the Datacenter & UPS systems. Regardless of the line of business, these three objectives ultimately lead to improved earnings and cash flow. Investments in Physical Infrastructure are made because they both directly and indirectly, impact these three business objectives. Managers purchase items such as generators, air conditioners, physical security systems, and Uninterruptible Power Supplies to serve as “insurance policies.”

Your uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system protects your facility in the critical moments before your generator or standby power source kicks in and during voltage spikes or voltage reductions. Depending on the size and type of your operation or data center, one-hour power outages can cost anywhere from a couple hundred thousand dollars to millions. Data centers, call centers, banks, and hospitals all require reliable UPS systems to ensure that data and equipment are protected at all times. For a UPS system to be reliable and long-lasting, it requires proper preventive maintenance. Choosing a UPS maintenance services plan should be equally important as selecting the right UPS system. A well-made UPS system can operate reliably with proper servicing for up to 20 years.

Even top-of-the-line UPS products need proper UPS Maintenance Services. For the security of your business, it’s important to find highly qualified and professional technicians who can meet your facility’s needs. At Benoit Technologies, we specialize in providing high-quality UPS maintenance services with excellent customer service, and we can help you determine the proper preventive maintenance schedule for your particular system.

Why Benoit Technologies For UPS Maintenance Services?

We have experienced Engineers who have a working knowledge of all the major Brands. We can offer you the Best Preventative UPS Maintenance Services in Dubai, UAE. Our Annual Maintenance Contract supports the system in the coverage over a period of a year ( yearly Contract) about round the clock 24*7. We offer different TIER programs based on the criticality of the infrastructure and business. For example, if the line of business has zero tolerance for downtime, then TIER 1 offers an immediate service in case of any failure. Annual Maintenance also covers the Battery Cabinets attached to the UPS systems. Any service during the coverage period will normally be free of charge, based on the Contract.

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