Energy Audits & Consultations

Stop energy loss, increase energy efficiency, lower energy costs

Benoit’s Experts can perform a comprehensive, on-site evaluation of your utility system to findout the inefficiensies, identify opportunities for improvement, existing low voltage and high Voltage asset optimisation. As a specialist in Energy Solutions offering as well consulting services, we can optimize your energy consumption, distribution and supply. We comprehensively analyze your processes and are therefore in a position to identify your potential savings. In doing so, we also take possible synergies within your company into account. After analysing the findings our specialists will determine the most intelligent or the efficient way can be followed to get the consumption reduced.


  • Reducing costs by increasing energy efficiency, with a direct effect on your operating income
  • Focus on vaiations in Energy Cost
  • Design for Energy Improvements, including equipment specifications, alteration in the mode of working using IOTs, etc
  • Identify new technologies and retrofits that can deliver energy savings
  • Efficient and reliable media supply for your processes based on sustainable concepts using energies such as steam, cooling, heating, compressed air, electricity or technical gases, regardless of the power generation equipment manufacturer
  • Individual consultancy means projects are optimally customized for you before being implemented, this ensures savings targets are met


  • Assist in choosing the most appropriate method of consumption reductions
  • Best sustainable recommended practices
  • Supporting the implementation of the measures and the achievement of efficiency potentials, taking into consideration technical and economic framework conditions
  • Comprehensive support when introducing an energy-management system
  • Providing support throughout your facility’s service life, for example locating leakages in the compressed air network and remedying them