Battery Replacement

Battery Replacement.

Batteries are the backbone of any backup power system.

  • Battery Replacement for UPS Systems
  • Battery Replacement for Central Battery System
  • Battery Replacement for Generators

During any power outage or unregulated power input batteries helps the system to give a qualiy power output; allowing you time to properly shut down servers or sustain them until your generator or line power transfers in.

They are also the most likely cause of failure due to a lack of maintenance or proactive replacement of old or weak batteries. Batteries must be routinely tested and changed promptly close to or at the end of their life cycle. We at Snyder Power understand the importance of this and with over 20 years of experience are capable of providing the service you need.

AC power conditions.

Power quality anomalies are organized into seven categories based on wave shape:

  1. Transients
  2. Interruptions
  3. Sag / Undervoltage
  4. Swell / Overvoltage
  5. Waveform distortion
  6. Voltage fluctuations
  7. Frequency variations

Batteries are one of the key component in any of the backup system which gives a support during anyof the above occurs. We are one of the best suppliers of Batteries in UAE, Battery Suppliers in Dubai, Battery Suppliers in Sharjah, Battery Suppliers in Al Ain, Battery Suppliers in Abudhabi, Battery Suppliers in Ras Al Khaima, Battery Suppliers in Ajman.

Our way of the approach in battery Testing, replacement is different than any other normal suppliers. We do proper Battery Power Analysis before recommending for any change. In all aspect of the cost and support we will ensure the asset has successfully completed its life cycle it is meant for.

We are dealing with all the major Battery brands. POWERON Battery Suppliers in UAE, Rocket Battery Suppliers in UAE, AMARON Battery Suppliers in UAE, EXIDE Battery Suppliers in UAE, YUASA Battery Suppliers in UAE, etc


We at Benoit Technologies are committed to a sustainable future. We understand that batteries have many toxic materials contained within them that can be hazardous to our environment. Bearing that in mind, we make sure to recycle all the batteries we replace and adhere to the standards set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency. You can rest assured that when you have your batteries replaced by us that the job isn’t only done in a way that provides value and professionalism, but with the peace of mind that your batteries will not become landfill waste.