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Important Things To Know About Solar Water Heaters

Important Things To Know About Solar Water Heaters

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Using solar water heaters can save your business or house considerable money and can aid in reducing local emissions that bring about air pollution. It requires a higher upfront cost for the water heating system and its installation but can save much of the cost related to heating water. It is among the many different reasons to use a solar water heater in UAE businesses or households. Read on to know more about solar water heaters.

What It Is And How It Works

This form of water heater works with the energy from the sun to heat water useable for your requirements or heat some other fluid that can be utilized to heat your water. Whether it is of the passive or active type, every solar water heating system requires a water storage tank.

This piece of technology works in various conditions, including places with cold climates or less sunlight but not as effectively as in sunnier places. The United Arab Emirates does not see much rainfall throughout the year. This is partly why a solar water heater in UAE will always be in demand. Albeit you are from a location where you require the product to preheat the water slightly in winter, autumn and spring, plus a lot in summer, you can reduce emissions and save money.

On a cloudy day or at night, in the event of not having sufficient warm water, you would require an extra heating element for higher water temperatures. Almost everyone with this product in seasonal or mixed climates uses it together with a tankless water heater for slightly higher water temperatures. The device warming the water that is already warmed will make it work faster, more efficiently as compared to if it was heating the cold resource.

Where To Place It

The placement is among the factors to consider when doing business with a supplier of solar water heaters and solar inverters in UAE as well. It is usually installed on the upper surface of a building, facing south, to allow it to receive the best direct sunlight. That said, it is also possible to place the heater in another area such as a meadow or garden where it can get direct sunlight.

Solar Water Heater Advantages

There are numerous potential benefits to using a solar water heater in UAE or elsewhere, including the following.

Can Offer Energy Savings

The savings mean that almost every household with a proper setup or installation for the heater can save on their monthly utility bills fast. The precise savings hinge on your hot water consumption requirements and setup. For instance, a seven-member family can have more savings as compared to a household with two members.

Can Reduce Your Family Or Business’s Carbon Footprint

Solar water heaters can keep many pounds of CO2 from entering the environment annually. This means a solar water heater in UAE is also a way of slashing your utility bills at the same time as protecting the environment.

Easy Installation

Installing and maintaining solar water heaters is easier than electricity-generating solar panels. Every household requires fewer panels for the water heating system than PV panels.

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Automatic Voltage Stabilisers

Every piece of equipment operated with electricity is made to be working in a specific voltage range or with a specific voltage. As per the United Arab Emirates regulation, the voltage range is set to 230VAC. Due to any circumstances if the voltage is out of tolerance, either in the downward or upward, a regulator is essential to maintain the +/- region. Therein lies the importance or using stabilisers or voltage regulators.

Stabilisers are of different types depending on the ratings. Starting from the range 600VA till 3000KVA, stabilisers are available with Benoit Technologies from multi brands with high quality. The reliability, quality and life of a stabiliser is purely based on the design and materials used. Depending on the application, the selected model will vary. For example, up to 2KVA or 3KVA, it is better to choose the digital design that will be good enough for any type of linear loads. But in the case of a non-linear load, it is advisable to use a transformer-based Servo type stabiliser for more reliability and life.

We, Benoit Technologies LLC, offer stabilisers for an array of equipment units, including water heaters. We choose the products based on varies factors, which include brainstorming with the customer or giving them an end-end consultation in the power design. By doing that, we ensure to give the best product that will serve them 100 percent as per the requirement and fit with commercial budget. We make it a point to support all our customers to get the maximum ROI reference to their investments.

Being a Servo Stabiliser Supplier in UAE, we cover all the Emirates with our award wining after sales support for 24 X 7 365 days. We have dedicated support as supplier of Stabiliser Dubai, Stabiliser supplier in Abudhabi, Stabiliser supplier in Ajman, Stabiliser Supplier in Sharjah, etc.

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We are specialised in the range from 10KVA to 3000KVA. Upto 300KVA Aircooled Stabiliser From 300KVA to 3000KVA Oil Cooled Servo Stabiliser.

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