Product Description

For power quality and reliability on the cutting edge of data center technology, check out the APC Galaxy VM. The APC Galaxy VM UPS is on the forefront of UPS innovation, with a number of features that make it efficient and environmentally friendly, all while reducing the total cost of ownership for the business.

With the APC Galaxy VM, total cost of ownership begins with the batteries of the unit. A wide input voltage range designed for harsh environments helps to save on battery life, while also easing the unit’s connection to your electrical network. The new ECOnversion mode (available as of the 2nd quarter of 2014) provides extremely high efficiency while batteries are charging. The ECO mode distributes power within the unit more efficiently by passing over unused electrical components and powering only that which is really necessary, all without sacrificing your power protection. The APC Galaxy VM has swappable batteries for additional runtime capacity or existing battery replacement, and makes things easy by automatically recognizing installed batteries once they are in place.

Other features of the APC Galaxy VM UPS are equally impressive. Its IGBT rectifier provides very low harmonic distortion, and in tandem with other features a high level of power conditioning is achieved. The unit has life cycle monitoring to encourage proactive maintenance so there is no downtime for the UPS system. The APC Galaxy VM UPS is parallel redundant and parallel capacity capable. Its internal backfeed protection system adds an additional level of safety by protecting the UPS from power anomalies.

The APC Galaxy VM UPS was also designed to be easy to service and maintain. It has a small footprint which makes it a great fit for a variety of data centers and industrial applications. It has top and bottom cable entry and full front service access. These features amount to a low mean time to repair, helping you sleep better at night knowing your power is protected and easy to manage.

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