Caterpillar 3406 Generator

Caterpillar 3306 Generator

Caterpillar 3306 generators provide serious power. Whether used as a marine generator, or used in some of the toughest conditions imaginable on land, the CAT 3306 generator is capable of providing an uninterrupted power supply.

You can use a CAT 3306 generator as your prime source of power, or as your backup source of power. In addition to this, the CAT 3306 generator can be tailored to the requirements of your power setup.

CAT generators, including the 3306, have been tested in a variety of terrains and weather conditions. They are built to handle hurricanes, gales, and other adverse conditions that many industries and buildings needing an uninterrupted power supply face. The CAT 3306 is reliable in a crisis, with a four-stroke-cycle diesel engine that manages to provide fuel economy while remaining lightweight and durable.

Other benefits:

Operating a Caterpillar 3306 diesel generator is designed to be easy. The interface is clear, and Caterpillar products enjoy unrivaled support, used as they are across the globe for a wide variety of purposes.

Use Cases:

CAT 3306 generators are used to provide support in industries that are electricity dependent and cannot afford a break in power. These include data centers, public and administrative buildings, labs, hospitals, military buildings and naval ships, etc. CAT generators can be found backing up, or powering logging, mining, and oil and gas operations in Africa, Asia, South America, and other remote areas of the world.

More about the Caterpillar 3306 Generator:

The Caterpillar 3306 diesel generator is a member of the CAT line of products. CAT has been relied upon by countless businesses since its inception in 1949.