5 Common Reasons Why Your Generator Fails to Start and How to Avoid Them


To ensure that essential equipment is powered effectively, generators must run smoothly and efficiently. An efficient UPS system is crucial for backup power in essential infrastructures. It is imperative to maintain and repair generators to prevent any potential power disruptions. Any power source outage can lead to a complete or partial shutdown of operations, emphasising the significance of fail-safe generator maintenance services. Proper generator maintenance in the UAE is essential to ensure an uninterrupted power supply, keeping businesses running smoothly.

Having a basic knowledge of the common generator issues and solutions can go a long way in ensuring smooth operation. Understanding prevalent problems and their warning signs enables proactive measures to prevent them, and knowing solutions equips you for troubleshooting and fixing any generator malfunctions, minimising downtime. In this blog, we focus on five common reasons generators face and how to prevent them.

Battery Failure

The most frequent issue that generators face is battery failure, where the batteries’ capacity to supply power diminishes over time. To prevent unexpected downtime, understanding your generator battery’s service life and replacing it proactively is vital. To ensure optimal performance, it’s critical to inspect and maintain all battery components, including cables, chargers, and connections, before running your generator. Regular cleaning, tightening connections, and removing sulfation buildup from the battery plates can prevent lead sulphate accumulation, which impairs the battery’s ability to deliver adequate current, leading to potential system failures.

Improper sizing and load

In the UAE, businesses often make the mistake of purchasing industrial generators that are too large, assuming they will meet their future needs. However, this approach can be counterproductive, as running a generator with a light load can lead to inefficiencies and serious damage. To ensure optimal performance, it’s recommended to utilise at least 35% of the generator’s load capacity during operation. Engine distributors frequently encounter situations where clients expect to add more equipment shortly, but if this doesn’t happen promptly, the generator may operate poorly and cause problems like wet stacking. So, always choose the generator size that you need. 

Neglected maintenance

Many of the users fail to carry out generator maintenance properly. As a result of this, neglected maintenance is the primary issue that generators encounter. Without proper upkeep and preventative measures, the engine components will wear out, leading to problems. The key to efficient generator operation is regular engine maintenance. This typically involves following the manufacturer and distributor’s recommendations for routine, semi-annual, and annual generator services. By having a maintenance plan in place, one can ensure their generator runs smoothly and efficiently.

Low coolant

A common cause of generator engine overheating is coolant depletion, which is the fluid responsible for dissipating heat throughout the engine to maintain optimal temperatures so parts don’t freeze or overheat. The high temperatures produced by the engine deplete the coolant’s water content, leading to low levels. Regular generator maintenance, including routine fluid level checks, ensures that the engine has sufficient fluids to operate correctly. 

If the coolant levels are appropriate and overheating still occurs, it may be a sign of other issues such as dirty coolant clogging the radiator core or worn hoses and drive belts. In such cases, seeking generator repair is advisable to avoid further problems.

Fuel depletion

Fuel depletion is a common problem for diesel and natural gas generators. Fuel gauges may not indicate accurate fuel levels, leading to generators consuming all their fuel unknowingly. Mechanical gauges may malfunction, or sludge may clog fuel filters, causing inaccurate fuel levels or complete fuel depletion without warning. To prevent fuel depletion, it’s recommended to check the fuel levels manually frequently. Additionally, having on-site fuel storage or access to fuel sources for refuelling can be helpful. It’s also crucial to inspect the fuel filters and lines regularly to ensure they’re free of contaminants like dirt and water.

BTLME Generator Maintenance Services

Generators are a significant investment for businesses as they rely on them to operate smoothly without interruptions. However, having a generator that constantly faces issues defeats the purpose of having one. To prevent this, it is crucial to take the necessary steps to avoid failures by opting for proper generator maintenance and repairing them promptly when issues arise.

Proper maintenance is the key to solving most generator problems, whether for personal or business use. When it comes to purchasing a new generator or opting for generator repairs in Dubai, UAE, it is essential to select a reliable company that you can trust. With expertise in Information Technology & Power Solutions, Benoit Technologies is a systems integrator you can rely on. Being one of the leading generator repair and generator maintenance companies in UAE, we provide excellent customer service and regularly test and maintain generators to ensure their efficient functioning. Contact Benoit Technologies to learn more about our services.