The Importance Of UPS Maintenance For Your Power Supply


Your facility operates around the clock, and some equipment needs to be functional at all times, including your Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system. However, if the UPS system goes down, it could spell disaster. Your critical equipment could lose power during crucial moments, risking your operations, causing data loss, and leading to significant financial losses.

The components within the UPS system could fail without warning. Whether it’s due to reaching the end of its lifespan or experiencing a malfunction, a UPS failure could happen at the most unsuitable time. But, by prioritising consistent UPS maintenance, you can keep these industrial powerhouses in tip-top shape all year long.

Load Bank Testing

Conducting tests can be a useful approach to pinpoint and give priority to areas that require preventative maintenance. To ensure a dependable UPS maintenance plan, it is important to carry out both resistive and reactive local bank tests, as they provide accurate and trustworthy results.

Battery Testing

The UPS system is a critical component of any facility, and its battery plays a crucial role in supplying power during power interruptions or surges. However, batteries have a limited lifespan and may fail due to various factors such as overcharging, undercharging, extreme temperatures, electrolyte loss, and improper venting, among others. As such, battery testing is an essential maintenance task to ensure the battery’s state of health (SoH) and state of charge (SoC). During battery testing, the service team checks the terminals, connections, float charges, and open circuits, and performs impedance testing and voltage readings.

Regular inspections

Regular inspections for UPS maintenance are important for the smooth working of your UPS. These practices will optimise uptime, minimise outages and accidents, improve energy efficiency, reduce operating expenses, extend the life of the UPS systems, and prevent commonly overlooked risks. Acquiring these objectives requires a comprehensive approach to maintenance planning and execution.

Importance of UPS Maintenance

Implementing a well-designed preventive maintenance program for your UPS is crucial to achieving peak power supply efficiency. This program should cover all major components of your UPS system, including the UPS unit, batteries, and any associated generators. When performing routine maintenance, a thorough inspection of critical UPS instruments should also be conducted to ensure optimal power supply performance.

By adopting a proactive approach to UPS maintenance and service, you can minimise the risk of downtime in your power supply. Consistent monitoring of your system’s health, through scheduled inspections and checkups, helps to prevent component and part failures that may cause interruptions. Preventative maintenance also enables early identification and resolution of potential system issues, preventing any chance of failure from gaining a foothold or escalating.

Engaging professional UPS maintenance service can significantly enhance the efficiency and lifespan of your UPS power supply. By ensuring optimal performance through regular checkups, your system can operate seamlessly for an extended period, delivering long-term benefits to your business and facility. The extended lifespan of your UPS system is a testament to the value of proactive maintenance and the rewards it offers.

Our UPS Maintenance and Repair Services

The majority of UPS failures are attributed to natural ageing or wear and tear. However, replacing the UPS battery and performing a major service can restore up to 80% of the unit’s functionality while prolonging its lifespan. At Benoit Technologies, we provide UPS Battery Replacement services for all the major brands in the UAE market. Our team of field engineers boasts factory-level training on major UPS system manufacturers, enabling us to provide comprehensive services. Leveraging our vast knowledge of UPS models from top-notch manufacturers like APC, PowerON UPS, Riello, ABB, Eaton, Borri, Huawei, Makelsan, Vertiv, Chloride, Emerson, AEC and many others, we are adept at swiftly repairing your UPS. We conduct UPS testing in accordance with the latest regulations and standards, and our engineers are trained to attend sites with high-level security clearance. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Benoit Technologies for further information on how we can assist you.