How energy efficient is solar water heater than an electric water heater?



Solar Water Heater in UAE

A basic Solar Water Heater in UAE is composed of solar collectors (plates) and thermal reservoir (Boiler). When the sun’s rays pass through the glass of the collector lid, they heat up the fins that are made of copper or aluminium and painted with a special dark paint that helps in the maximum absorption of solar radiation. The heat then passes from the fins to the tubes, which are usually copper. Hence the water inside the coil heats up and goes directly to the solar heater reservoir. The thermal reservoir is like a special water tank that takes care to keep the water stored in the solar heater warm.

These cylinders are made of copper, stainless steel, or polypropylene and then receive thermal insulation. Most models of thermal reservoir come with an auxiliary electric heating system. To ensure that there will never be a shortage of hot water, every Solar Heater has an auxiliary heating system. And when the weather is very cloudy or rainy for several days, or when the house receives visits and the number of baths is above the initial dimension, the auxiliary system comes into play.

Energy efficiency: One of the primary benefits

The demand for the use of renewable energy sources has been growing every year, aiming at the sustainability of the enterprise and the production processes. The solar thermal system is a clean and reusable energy source. In this way, it is possible to provide significant savings, compared to the electric heathers. With the reduction in electric heating systems, Solar Water Heater in UAE helps to reduce peak energy demand and reduce operating expenses. The systems require practically no maintenance, generating even more savings.

With the technology of the digital temperature controller incorporated in the solar water heater, it became much easier and safer to use, besides greatly increasing the energy savings of the system, as it prevents the system from consuming energy at unnecessary moments to complement the system. using the digital solar inverters in UAE, you will have much more convenience, safety, energy savings and hot water whenever you need it, without the need to manually turn the circuit breakers on and off in your power board. Solar energy is the most abundant form of clean energy in nature. Solar water heaters are invading homes, hotels, industries, buildings, rural properties and other places where they are needed.

Low maintenance cost

Currently, the solar water heater is a system widely adopted by consumers due to the savings it provides. However, a periodical maintenance is required. On the other hand, the maintenance is cheap. With proper care, the life of the heating system will increase, promoting even more savings over time. It is estimated that solar heaters have a useful life of about 25 years, but this period may be longer.

The maintenance of the Solar Water Heater in UAE should take place at least once a year. The procedures involve washing and cleaning the solar collectors, depleting the reservoir water and evaluating the thermostat and resistance. Corrective maintenance generally consists of assessing and repairing the piping, as well as changing the glass on the solar panels.

The consequences of lack of maintenance

If you do not perform solar heater maintenance at the right time, this can cause problems. In the reservoir, we can mention damages such as advanced wear, corrosion, leaks, and problems in safety systems, such as safety valves and vacuum break valves. Accumulated dirt inside the reservoir tends to cause corrosion in the equipment, reducing its useful life and compromising the quality of the water used in baths, preparing food, washing dishes, pots, cutlery and many other things. In the collectors, the proper cleaning of the glasses promotes a high index of performance and efficiency in capturing the rays of the sun.

What to consider when choosing?

Solar Water Heater in UAE

Each type of heater normally serves certain audiences with specific needs. Thus, it is always good to evaluate some important aspects when choosing.


It is normal for solar heaters to be pointed out as the most expensive option. Although this is true at first, this statement does not consider the savings generated by this equipment in the long run.

Installation process

Each of the heaters has specific installation processes, which must be evaluated by trained technicians. In the case of solar heaters, it is important that the plates are well positioned.

Maintenance required

The different heaters also require specific maintenance, which can be more or less complex. The maintenance of solar heaters is simpler and cheaper.

Market demand

UAE combines several factors that make Solar Water Heater in UAE in great demand: good exposure to the sun practically all year round, expensive energy tariffs and a growing concern for the environment. It is likely that more and more consumers are looking for this water heating alternative.

Therefore, evaluate all aspects before this decision, including the demand of your customers and the training of available suppliers.