UPS Systems

Offline Series – 500VA till 800VA

Being a forefront UPS supplier in UAE, at Benoit Technologies LLC, we make sure to deliver cutting-edge modern technologies to all of our customers. Our UPS systems are reliable, technically upfront, having state-of-the-art components. Contact us for your requirements and we will make sure you get the right solution for your bespoke requirements. We offer the extended support to all our customers to meet their power requirements with the optimised power backup solution with the best available Technology using the best performing Brands in the industry. We offer ABB UPS, REILLO UPS, POWERON ENERTECH UPS, LIEBERT UPS, etc based on customers need.

Being a distributor or renowned Brand POWERON-ENERTECH we keep stock of all the spares from the range of 1kVA till 800KVA to keep the minimum repair time.

Datacenter solution is highly demand area were we work at the best optimised power demand design to avoid the unnecessary expenses in the utility & as well the best eco friendly design.

We cover the requirements from all industries like Aviation, Medical, Oil & gas field, Power Plants, IT datacenter, Small Scale Industries, Industrial Plants, Telecom, Outdoor UPS applications etc with the best after sales support. Being in the market for past 15 years we understand the needs of every customer.

Benoist Technologies LLC- The Prominent UPS Supplier in UAE

● Offers leading technical innovations to customers
● Offers the right solution for your requirements
● Offers uninterrupted, dedicated services to customers
● We offer our products at affordable rates

Our impeccable technical solutions are aimed at providing an unparalleled experience for our customers. We design and implement a number of solutions including DC chargers, Uninterruptible Power Supply, DC battery bank, and more. We aim to become a one-stop shop to cater to all your technical concerns.

Our extensive knowledge of technology and power solutions has made us a reputable UPS supplier in UAE. Our dedicated services cover an extensive section of the UAE. At Benoist Technologies LLC we will always ensure that you receive the highest quality services and excellent products.